Worried About Equity Volatility?

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Worried About Equity Volatility?  Sharp stock market selloffs, like the one we saw in 2018, are never pleasant for investors. Even though US economic growth remains solid, we do expect more volatility ahead. If you’re worried about the next equity selloff, you may want to consider incorporating a long/short equity strategy. 

Flexible long/short strategies combine long and short equity exposures, seeking to maintain equity market exposure while adding downside protection. Historically, long/short strategies have reduced drawdowns in tough environments. 

The AB Select US Long/Short Portfolio has a history of being flexible in periods of distress—leveraging long, short and cash positions to dampen volatility and protect capital. 

Watch our video to learn more about our flexible approach and how the AB Select US Long/Short Fund may be a good strategy for volatile markets ahead.

AB Select US Long/Short Portfolio Overview

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