Professional Perspective: Encouraging Clients to Stay Invested

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January 12, 2015 Bulletin Professional Perspective: Encouraging Clients to Stay Invested Colin Lundgren, Global Head of Fixed Income, Columbia Threadneedle Investments Shannon Saccocia, CFA, CIMA, Chief Investment Officer, Boston Private


CL: I think many investors will look at the performance of the markets in 2018, or the shorter-term performance, say, in the fourth quarter, or the shorter-term performance in December...

SS: In December, yeah.

CL: ...and be pretty bummed out at where the returns were, It was one of those shorter episodes in which diversification didn't work, But having a longer term perspective, I think, is really critical, now more so than ever, and not just to let 2018 shake you, where you say, "I'm never going to invest money again."

SS: So it's actually offered an opportunity for us to have some really engaging conversations with our client, albeit somewhat difficult initially. But by the end of most of those conversations, I think we're on the same page to say, "Great, I understand what we're doing, I understand why we're doing it, I understand that these types of thing can occur, but that that doesn't mean I'm not going to be able to reach my goals."

CL: I think this is a great time to have those conversations about the overall strategy, and to help talk about the market environment, and talk about the strategy and the long-term prospects for their investment strategy. You want to tell someone to stay invested, but yet cash at 2 and a quarter percent looks reasonably attractive, and it’s tracking at or slightly above inflation?

SS: So I think one of the things that we're challenged with is saying, why don't I just go back to, you know, kind of what my parents and my grandparents did? Invest in U.S. companies that I can understand, and in cash, because we are finally reaching -- now, you and I both know that, historically a, you know, 2.5% cash rate is, it's not that great.

CL: Right.

SS: But I think compared to where we've been, it does seem like a meaningful option. I think that our clients, because it's paid essentially nothing since the financial crisis, they see us going to cash as not an investment decision. That's an absence of a decision. So one of the things that we're having to pivot and talk to our clients about is that, if we do try to put a position in cash, that's something that we feel is available for investment at a better time. But you are returning, and it is actually an explicit investment decision to do that.

CL: Yes. I absolutely agree with that, and I think to string it together: you want to stay invested, but staying diversified, I think, is really important, even though diversification hasn't paid off. I think it will pay off over a long period of time, and very recently we've seen some benefits of diversification, where stocks and bonds haven't just moved together.

For me, I keep falling back on the best advice anyone ever gave me, which is to stay invested.

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